Up2China plays a leading role in the 5th annual Israel-China Mianyang Conference

Posted 2018-07-03

By Boulanger, Mathieu*

Last week, over 60 Israeli companies gathered in Mianyang in Sichuan province for three days as part of a high-tech expo celebrating the 25-year anniversary since China-Israel bilateral relationships. Israel was the honored host and the expo had a record breaking number of Israeli firms, more than have ever taken part in any expo in China. This confirmed again China’s increasing diplomatic ties with Israel. Overall, over 700 firms from more than 40 countries attended the expo.


The Israel-China relationship has strengthened in recent years with 2017 being the first year of the China-Israel innovation partnership. In the first half of 2017, Chinese companies invested almost $40m into Israel and vice versa Israel’s investment into China is growing constantly, too. Currently, China is Israel’s third largest trading partner.
The expo and the growing relationship between the two countries in general acted as a great way to promote coordinated development and allowed the Israeli consulate and Sichuan province to agree on a plan of action to promote cooperation in ten different industries.

Up2China attended the expo and represented ourselves and five clients of ours, namely Zero gravity, Natural Sea Beauty, Curalife, Botanifique and Acoustiguide. We reached out to each of these companies to make them aware of the expo and designed individual booths and catalogues for each company.


We also had two of our employees working at each booth, providing demonstrations of the products and pitch sales. This increased awareness of our clients’ products, promoted the brands and increased sales volume. Within only three days of the expo, we reached a total sales volume of more than 60,000CNY.


In addition to this, we also worked with an array of our other clients whose booths we did not run, but we organized for them to be there.

Furthermore, we organized B2B meetings with distributers, increasing our exposure and visibility and improving business relationships.


Each stall gained a lot of attention as we set up a game prior to the expo which allowed individuals to scan each of our QR codes to enter a raffle and win a prize. This increased overall exposure and sparked interest in our clients.


Overall, the Mianyang expo was a very successful three day endeavor that enabled Up2China to successfully promote many of our clients, increase visibility, improve brand awareness, as well as a great opportunity for us to reach out to distributers and to understand even more about the Israel-China relationship.


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