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Our deep understanding of China and Western markets helps us create a holistic approach for your market entry.

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We bring the opportunities directly to brand owners.

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We acknowledge disrupting, stretching the boundaries, and embracing failures while improving performance.

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We believe in empowering our team members, letting them explore and create agile and flexible operations.


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Our Founding Team


Co-Founder & CEO

Shlomi is an innovative entrepreneur who possess an excellent command of foreign languages and strong analytic abilities. He graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and been living in China for over six years afterwards. His understanding in Marketing and Chinese E-commerce helped lots of companies to build their online presence and sales channels in the Chinese market.


Co-Founder & CTO

Dean possesses rich Internet project operating experience and has previously worked as a branch manager for the Chinese Academy of Sciences and CETC. He has a great level of knowledge with business model planning and has over 10 years experience with team project management and product design.

Industry experts with a proven track record and a visionary marketing solution

Serial entrepreneurs bridging China and International companies

Marketing domain expertise and proven track record

Tech folks who focus on building a scalable operation

Our Experts

Our team regroups industry experts from different fields with the vision to create a bridge of clarity and efficiency between international companies and the Chinese market. We combine our entrepreneurship and tech-savvy spirit into a culture that focuses on providing innovative solutions that can support healthy and scalable growth in the Chinese market to our partners. At Up2China, we make sure to provide the best solution tailored to each of our partners’ unique situations, and we are proud of our track record of successful market entry projects.

Prof. Geva


World-renowned expert in the field of machine learning, whose consultancy expertise is sought after by both civil and military organizations. Prof. Geva has over 25 years of business leadership experience as the founder and R&D teams leader of AI companies Elminda, InnerEye and WideMed. He brings over 40 years of deep AI research, and as of today has already 62 scientific publications under his name.



Dana’s broad and varied experience as a consultant, art director and business development manager gives her a wonderfully diverse skill-se. Living in China for over six years, Dana understands the local environment and has the ability to bridge international brands and our local experts to support a smooth execution. Dana is responsible for the group's corporate marketing, outbound lead generation, and content creation.



With rich managing experience, Sophie is one of the earliest member of the U2C team. She helped build the company structure and all internal management processes. Her contribution extend from all aspect of our company operation to the management of our IT projects. Her commitment is only matched by her talent.



Serena has more than 12 years of experience in the field of accounting, controlling, and financing. Her previous work in Mitsubishi Shanghai gave her the international perspective while understanding large-scale operation. Later Serena joined, one of the biggest E-commerce alcohol retailers in China and led financing teams.


Marketing Director

The extensive experience across a wide range of industries in B2B, and B2B2C promotion has given Ray a strong understanding and comprehension of the process when providing advertising and promotion services for foreign customers entering the Chinese market.


Head of content

Lily's excellent content planning and storytelling skills always allow her to produce eye-catching content. She knows not only what's good, but also what's appropriate for brands. Along with her rich and versatile writing style, she always knows how to meet the needs of different brands.


DevOps Lead

Jason has deep knowledge of various programming language that includes Java, PHP, MySql, Html, Oracle, JavaScript, Bootstrap and WordPress. Has a thorough understanding of WeChat API, websites migration and deployment.


Customer Success Manager

As a foreigner who lived in China for more than 8 years, Mathieu is able to create cultural bridge and facilitate cooperation between multinational brands and the Chinese team, while excelling at providing clear insight and explanation of what is happening in the Chinese market. His leadership helps us to improve and surpass ourselves, bringing ever better service and performance to our partners.


E-commerce Director

Downey is responsible for Daily operation and promotion of one health care overseas flagship store on T-Mall Global. His vast experience has made him able to promote brands to the top 10 of their respected categories.


E-commerce Director

Tomato has 6 years of experience and insight as a T-Mall store manager. his responsibilities range from Store annual and monthly target planning, Analyze, and summarize the market and competing store data and plan, process control and review of big promotion and marketing activities.


Head of BD

Maya is a digital marketing expert with over 8 years of experience in performance marketing and strategic partnership development. As an expat living in Shanghai for more than 4 years, she gained an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market and the unique challenges that international brands face when entering China's rapidly evolving online marketplace. Maya is passionate about driving results and building meaningful, long-lasting partnerships with both existing and new clients.



As the design director, Eric has more than 7 years of rich design experience, skillfully uses PS, AI, C4D and PR video clips, and has served more than 20 brand stores. Eric has 3 years of team leadership experience, and has unique insights in store decoration and store design tonality control.


Brand Assistant



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PHP Coder

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CRM Director


E-commerce store manager

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Content Writer

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E-commerce store manager

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Content writer

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