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Tailor-made online marketing brings your business many opportunities for expansion and development.

Creating Your Turnkey Solution

We transmit brands' WHY, HOW, and WHAT in the proper approach to the right audience in the most suitable channel.

A-Z E-commerce Management

As a certified five stars TP (Trading Partner), we position brands in the right platform and facilitate D2C infrastructure.

A-Z Brand Management

Ensure your existence on Chinese social media through key opinion leaders and engaging content

A-Z Data Management

Securing you're in control and making the right decision for your business.

Active Daily Users on Weibo
Active Daily Users on WeChat
Daily responses to searches at Baidu
Predicted Number of social network users by 2026.
Estimated penetration rate of social networks in 2022
Time spent on social media every day

A-Z Brand Management

Our tailor-made solution will help to voice out your company strategy, USP and engage with your business partners or generate new business opportunities through social media and vertical websites

A-Z Leads Management

Our professional team will help to define your go to market strategy, main messages, target audience and marketing campaigns in various channels to create useful business opportunities and qualified leads.

A-Z Data Management

Securing you’re staying in control and helping you make decisions. Digate, our powerful intelligence & performance proprietary technology, enable brand owners to optimize, forecast, and effectively manage their Chinese e-commerce and digital marketing performance.

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Let us show you how international companies use our platform to enter the Chinese market, optimize their strategies, spend less on operations and generate more leads.

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