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Our Company

Up2China, your gateway to the fast-growing Chinese online market, is a combination of digital marketers and advanced technologists to support B2B companies to evolve and prosper in the Chinese market.
Using our combined decades of experience, we utilize know-how, expertise, and technology to generate leads, business opportunities, and brand awareness through the Chinese internet and social media.
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Our Vision

Up2China is structured to be your a-z brand management solution to modern marketing needs by working on all Chinese platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Red and more, executing traditional, digital, and social marketing strategies while providing our partners with advanced IT capabilities. U2C group combines big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to build up the strategy and technology necessary to ascertain China-based growth.

Our Competitive Advantages

The experts at our Codeless web design agency have more than 10 years of combined experience in web development and design.

Multi-cultural team

Having both local and international management allows us to address problems in a more holistic approach, understanding both sides’ needs and concerns.

b2b domain expertise

Our years of China b2b marketing knowledge would enable your b2b operation to grow and succeed in the Chinese online market. we bring years of experience in software, machinery, and other B2B industries.

Customized solutions

Our holistic go-to-market approach, which combines technology, market know-how, and growth hacking, would enable us to create the best product-Chinese-market-fit.

Unique management methodology

We have created our own methodology to plan our market approach, do it accordingly, check it using our data-driven platform and act accordingly using our AI recommendation system to maximize returns budget optimization

Growth hackers

Our experts would implement the most up-to-date experiment-driven technique to determine the most effective ways of growing your business in the Chinese social media channels.


Years of expertise combined with data-driven process and machine learning technology.

Domain Expertise

Our outstanding performance in both healthcare and the beauty category made us a recommended choice by Tmall to partner with.

Tech Savvy

Years of expertise combined with data driven process and machine learning technology.

Our Core Fundamentals

We believe that all brands deserve the right partner to help them achieve their aspiration to grow in the Chinese market. That is why we founded Up2China, to be that qualified and trustworthy partner. Our rich and unique combination of expertise will guide and help you evolve in the challenging Chinese market for you to reach your full potential.

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Maximize Returns

How We Work

Building a healthy and profitable business is very important to us, so we have assembled a team of professionals dedicated to building CRM programs and maximizing customer retention through cutting-edge customer segmentation techniques.
In 2021, one of our clients was honored with a place among the highly selective “Top 10 for customer growth hacking and Customer retention excellency” award!

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Let us show you how international companies use our platform to enter the Chinese market, optimize their strategies, spend less on operations and generate more leads.

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