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Baidu is a Chinese multinational technology company founded in 2000 and specializes in Internet-related services and products, including search engines, a mapping service, an AI-powered personal assistant app, and a web browser.

Baidu is often called the “Google of China” because it is the country’s largest and most popular search engine. It has a market share of around 70% in China, and it is the fourth most visited website in the world. Baidu was the first Chinese company to be listed on the NASDAQ-100 index. The company was a pioneer in voice search, launching the world’s first voice-activated search engine in 2007. Baidu has since then been heavily investing in AI R&D, particularly in computer vision, natural language processing, and autonomous driving.
Baidu has experienced significant growth since its founding in 2000, driven by many factors, including its dominance in the Chinese search engine market, its diversification into other areas such as AI and machine learning, and its strategic partnerships and acquisitions. As of 2022, Baidu reached 628 million monthly active users on its search engine, making it one of the most popular search engines in the world.


Understand Baidu’s search algorithm:  Baidu’s search algorithm is different from Google’s, so it’s essential to understand how it works to optimize your campaigns.
Use Baidu’s advertising tools:  Baidu offers a variety of advertising tools, such as Baidu PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and Baidu Display Ads, which can help increase visibility and reach your target audience.
Optimize your website for Baidu:  Make sure your website is optimized for Baidu by using relevant keywords and meta tags and ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly.
Utilize Baidu’s targeting options:  Baidu offers a range of targeting options, such as geographic, demographic, and interest-based targeting, which can help you reach a more specific audience.
Use Baidu’s analytics:  Baidu provides detailed analytics on the performance of your advertising campaigns, which can help you optimize your campaigns and measure the success of your efforts.

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