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Avoiding the Pitfalls: Factors That Could Lower Your Website's Quality on Baidu

Ensuring your website isn’t categorized as a low-quality site by Baidu is crucial when optimizing for SEO. Here are some factors that might lead to your website being assessed as low quality, along with solutions:


  1. Unconventional Website Structure

   – Some businesses aim for uniqueness in their website design, hoping to stand out. However, being too unconventional can make it difficult for search engines to determine the industry model of the website, affecting its classification.

   – While innovation is encouraged, it’s advisable to build your website within certain standard frameworks. Click Here for a free evaluation of your website structure.


  1. Low-Quality Content on Website Pages

   – The quality assessment of website pages encompasses various aspects such as well-optimized titles, descriptions, and keywords (TDK), appropriate image inclusion, logically structured paragraphs, and original text that meets search intent.

   – Avoid keyword stuffing in titles, low-quality images, disorganized paragraph structures, and content splicing.


  1. Poor Page Loading Speed and Accessibility

   – Slow page loading speed negatively impacts user experience, and certain strategies like server-side rendering (SSR) may hinder effective crawling.

   – Aim for a first-load speed of within 1.5 seconds for desktop and ideally within 1 second for mobile.


  1. SEO Cheating Sites

   – Avoid excessive keyword usage, unnatural internal linking structures, or other black hat SEO techniques to prevent being categorized as a low-quality site.

   – Be cautious when selecting aged domains to avoid issues like domain snatching.


If your website is deemed low quality by Baidu, you can take the following measures:

– Adjust the website structure.

– Improve page content quality, including original content.

– Check page loading speed and accessibility.

– Avoid SEO cheating behaviors.

– If issues persist, consider implementing 301 redirects or changing the domain.


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