Adaptability Is Key

Chinese consumer expectations are frequently evolving, so business dynamism is essential more then ever before

Case Studies

Our case studies are essential for understanding the market challenges and difficulties for brands operating in China. We want to showcase how to use advanced technology and utilize a team of experts with years of experience working with international brands.

Revitalize Brand Image and Win Back the Market


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A DevOps solution brand that has just completed the integration of a local supplier in China and urgently needed to present its global unified

Reaching the Top 3 of the Industry with Omni-channel promotion


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A brand that has reached Up2china after changing 3 Chinese Marketing Agencies in 1.5 years…

Social Media Ranking- From no recognition to No.1 on Chinese social media


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A University that has been cooperating with Up2China for more than five years. With no brand awareness …

Expand Big Customer Three Times in 2 Years


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A Medium Level scale Machinery and tools producer company that already has several distributors in China…

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