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Boost B2B Lead Generation With Proven Inbound Tactics

For B2B companies, getting a steady flow of qualified leads is essential. But old-school outbound strategies like mass emailing and direct mail just don’t cut through like they used to. To rise above the noise, you need to take an inbound approach based on data-backed tactics.


This article outlines key insights from marketing gurus on how to amplify B2B lead generation in today’s digital landscape. We’ll explore tactics across 5 key areas of marketing:


– Offer Strategy: Dangle enticing carrots matched to your audience 

– Email Marketing: Follow guidelines to optimize every campaign

– Inbound Marketing: Meet prospects where they search

– Creative: Craft campaigns that resonate 

– Marketing Automation: Systemize and scale lead nurturing


Implement these strategies and watch your leads multiply. Let’s review the specifics.


Offer Strategy: Entice With Tailored Carrots


Your offer is the “carrot” motivating prospects to take action. To drive leads, choose carrots catered to your audience’s appetite.


– Lead with free info like ebooks over trials. Info has a low barrier to entry.

– Bundle assets like reports into compelling kits.

– Survey to uncover pain points – and incentivize with a gift.

– Tout benefits in the context of the offer. Don’t just hype your product.

– Test offers and perks to determine which entice best. Then double down.


Email Marketing: Optimize Campaigns


You may have heard email marketing is not popular in China, but in middle and large companies, people still use email extensively for work communication. So email remains a top lead channel globally, but lower response means optimizing is a must.


– Personalize messages and segment your list to boost relevance. 

– Make the offer the star – don’t just list product features.

– Ensure key details like the CTA are visible without scrolling.

– Send prompt thank you and fulfill offers via email to capture valid addresses.

– Always test subject lines, design, length, and more to improve performance.


Inbound Marketing: Meet Prospects Where They Search


Today’s buyers find you, not the other way around. Focus on inbound to catch prospects when timing is right.


– Produce SEO content targeted to searcher intent around your keywords. 

– Promote content offers on social to drive traffic. Retargeting keeps you top of mind.

– Ensure your site and blog enable conversions, with clear CTAs and lead capture.

– Use marketing automation to score and instantly nurture hot inbound leads.


Creative: Craft Compelling Campaigns


You need creative that gives prospects pause and speaks to their needs.


– Headlines/subject lines should highlight tangible benefits.

– Email and landing page copy should be scannable, with bold headers and bullet points.

– Include visuals like screenshots to make offers feel tangible.

– Test creative approaches, offers, and content to determine what resonates most.


Marketing Automation: Systemize Lead Nurturing


Marketing automation helps you score leads, segment your audience, and set up tailored nurturing workflows to convert more inbound prospects.


– Use lead scoring to have sales focus on hot prospects first.  

– Create email tracks tailored to different segments’ needs.

– Provide content that assists prospects throughout their journey.

– Thank you pages and post-click emails enable further nurturing.

– Continually test and refine automation for greater ROI.


With these proven inbound B2B lead gen strategies, you’ll see more prospects and pipeline. Don’t rely solely on outbound tactics. Follow the data and take an integrated inbound approach. Your sales team will thank you.

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