Navigating B2B Lead Generation in China Without a Local Website


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Many global B2B companies are increasingly eyeing the vast potential of the Chinese market. Experts estimate that Chinese B2B trade will experience an annual growth rate of 30%, reaching 350 billion by the following year. To succeed in this complex landscape, one practical approach is to begin with omni-marketing and establish brand awareness before diving into lead generation. Even if you don’t have an official Chinese website, there are alternative strategies to explore:

Maintaining PPC Without a Chinese Website

  • Leverage Baidu JiMuyu for PPC/SEM: Baidu JiMuyu, an integral part of the Baidu ecosystem, is a landing page host platform. It’s an ideal substitute for brands needing a Chinese website. You can upload LP content, customize CTAs, and even conduct case studies here. While it doesn’t support customized web page dynamic effects or CRM system integration, it aligns with building LPs on your website.
  • Explore PPC on Vertical Platforms: B2B companies often gravitate towards specific vertical platforms in China. These platforms encourage interaction and industry knowledge sharing. Running PPC campaigns on vertical platforms relevant to your industry is a viable option. Many of these platforms have unique content and LP requirements, eliminating the necessity of directing traffic to Chinese website LPs.

WeChat’s Organic Reach

With its expansive user base of over a billion monthly users, WeChat plays a pivotal role in China’s digital landscape. This platform is not exclusive to B2C brands; B2B companies can reap its benefits. 

The number of B2B companies with WeChat followers has steadily increased, with more than half having a presence on the platform from 2020 to 2022 (26% to 57%). Utilizing WeChat is often the first step for businesses entering the Chinese market.

The proportion of WeChat followers among omnichannel users

WeChat B2B China

The Power of Email Marketing

While it’s true that Chinese individuals prefer social media apps for personal connections, email remains a staple for work-related communication, especially among larger enterprises. Even without a Chinese website, email marketing can be a potent tool to nurture Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs) into Sales-Qualified Leads (SQLs). Provide recipients with contact choices such as WeChat and phone numbers to cater to their preferences.

In Conclusion

Generating leads in China without a local website is possible, but it’s essential to consider the following:

  • The strategies discussed are most suitable for brands that already possess some brand awareness in China.
  • A Chinese website isn’t just an information platform and a means to showcase your brand’s strength and authority.
  • If you plan to establish a long-term presence in the Chinese market, organic traffic from your Chinese website is an aspect that must be noticed.

Ultimately, the suitability of these lead generation methods depends on your brand’s unique goals and circumstances. If you need guidance in making the right choice, contact us for a free consultation.

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