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By Boulanger, Mathieu*

“It wasn’t overnight; It was a long-shot decision and many sacrifices to build the company and get the trust of both employees and customers. With hard work and strong belief, we managed to do it.”

”After completing my degree at the Hebrew University, I received a scholarship to study Chinese in Chengdu and decided to move to China with my wife. However, shortly after beginning my studies, I discovered my desire to become an entrepreneur and started my first venture – an electric car-sharing company in Chengdu. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that the project was beyond my abilities and experience, so I transitioned to consulting for an Israeli startup accelerator in Chengdu. There, I met Dean and shared my idea of starting a marketing agency to help international brands enter the Chinese market through social media. Dean was open to the idea, and we began working on it together.”

”Throughout my career, I have gained experience in various industries, including technology research, development, and management in large state-owned enterprises and research institutes, as well as work in a significant local advertising group. However, I also had the unfortunate experience of failing two startup ventures. Both companies had solid business plans and received recognition from investors, but ultimately could not turn their goals into successful businesses. I was working in the IT team of a gaming startup when I met Shlomi and was immediately impressed by his intelligence. When he shared his idea of assisting foreign companies in entering the Chinese social media market, I saw the potential for a successful business.”

Shlomi and Dean had a somewhat uncertain vision when they founded Up2China. They knew they wanted to start a business and generate revenue, but they needed a clear plan for where they wanted the company to be in the next few years. Despite this uncertainty, they established a basic company structure, complete with an employee and a single desk for an office. The early days of Up2China were a challenge, as the founders had no investment, no government support, and no distinctive technological capabilities. Building a company from scratch is always difficult. Still, Shlomi and Dean laid the foundations for a successful business by establishing a solid business model and developing the necessary industry resources and professional skills.

Today, the company has more than 60 employees and, after seven years in operation and more than 70 satisfied clients, has gained recognition for its successful case studies.

Q&A with Up2china Co-Founders

Shlomi:  ”I believe Dean is an excellent partner, and we complement each other well. I tend to be more active in seeking new opportunities and perhaps more demanding with the team, while Dean is calmer and has his own management style. I think our employees benefit from being exposed to both approaches, as it helps them grow. Dean’s greatest attribute is his patience. He understands that implementing new ideas takes time and always has the team’s success and growth in mind.”

Dean:  “Our collaboration is a great complementary model. When I first met Shlomi, I was impressed by his wisdom, and over the years, I have come to appreciate his many excellent qualities (as well as some of his less favorable traits ;)). Nonetheless, overall, I believe we work well together.”
Shlomi:  “I knew we were doing something right when we closed our first big client. Five years ago, I realized that we have something that many other trading partner agencies don’t have – the ability to build strong trust with our clients.”

Dean:  “After we closed our first client and earned 3000$, I realized this was a legitimate business.”
Shlomi:  “The most satisfying part of my day is waking up with a passion for my work. I love what I do and couldn’t ask for more than to continue enjoying it every day.”

Dean:  “I feel a sense of accomplishment when I have successfully taken care of the daily details of the business. Another source of fulfillment for me is coming up with ways to create more value for our team and clients.”
Shlomi:  “I am inspired by the people on our team and the milestones we have achieved. We have come a long way from a small room with just a few employees, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our clients who believed in us and our dedicated team who give their all every day to make it happen.

Dean:  “The expectations and possibilities for the future always inspire me.”
Shlomi:  “Our goals for the future include continuing to grow, providing significant value to our loyal clients, and being the best platform for personal development for our company co-founders and team. We want to be happy and fulfilled in our work while bringing value to our customers and team. Specific goals include:
  • Continuing our growth
  • Becoming a more data-driven organization
  • Embracing independence and empowering each employee to be their own CEO.”

Dean:  “We hope to see our team become more intelligent, determined, professional, and able to enjoy the rewards of their hard work. We also aim to create even more value for our customers. By achieving these goals, I will feel more relaxed and fulfilled.”

Thank you for taking the time to read our story 🙂

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