Proficiency, Transparency, Adaptability

We empower those capabilities to help your brand grow in China.

Gain Control of Your Business

Stay updated on every tiny detail of your business with our proprietary technology.

Data is a King

As a data-driven company, we believe data should make our partners' business decisions.

Empowering Your Data

We use data to support enhanced marketing performance results.

Proficiency, Transparency, Adaptability

We empower those capabilities to help your brand grow in China.

A-Z Data Management

Securing you’re staying in control and helping you make decisions. Digate, our powerful intelligence & performance proprietary technology, enable brand owners to optimize, forecast, and effectively manage their Chinese e-commerce and digital marketing performance.

Projected number of social network users 2022

Estimated penetration rate of social networks 2022

Time spent on social media every day

All Your Data In One Place

Connect & consolidate data from all major Chinese eCommerce marketplaces such as Tmall, & JD, social platforms such as WeChat & TikTok, as well as your distributor networks and logistic service data. With the average company operating across 8-10 platforms, each with unique features and data, having a unified analytical view over your most important business metrics is critical to maximizing your revenue potential.

Sales Performance Analytics And Optimization

Grow your revenue by getting clarity and confidence about your business performance. Analyze or track important eCommerce-focused metrics, break-down complex multi-platform data, and visualize past or future business trends on graphs and charts that simplify decision-making. Optimize your operations with automated alerts and guided analysis designed to find hidden opportunities and issues across all sales channels.

Marketing And Social Performance

Get a complete overview of all your most important eCommerce marketing metrics, optimize your ad campaigns, and enhance customer acquiring and retention from social platforms such as TikTok, WeChat, Weibo, and more. Analyze and optimize your return on advertising spend. Manage both complex ad campaigns and video/streaming campaigns with ease & accurately identify which channels and campaigns deliver the most return to maximize your revenue potential.

Audience Segmentation And Customer Analytics

Enhance your customer understanding by getting meaningful insights into the characteristics and behavior of your audience with machine learning-based customer segmentation. Easily identifying your most and least profitable customers through customer-centric analytics. Create more effective loyalty campaigns according to demographics, buying behavior, and much more. Respond faster to live feedback and reviews from customers who appreciate a prompt response and excellent experience. Manage and acquire customers more effectively with an integrated customer relationship management section where each customer profile contains metrics like purchasing history, revenue, behavior patterns, demographics, and much more.

Intelligent Alerts

Streamline your operations with automated alerts and guided analysis designed to find hidden opportunities and abnormalities across your entire business in real-time. Utilize prebuilt intelligent alerts, which track your most important performance metrics and automatically notify you when needed, or create your custom business logic with the support of big-data & AI technologies for better decision making.

Industry Data and Sentiment Analysis

Easily make data-driven decisions and stay one step ahead with live industry trends, data, and real-time search queries from all major marketplaces. See how you compare to your competitor-set and discover the customers’ sentiment regarding your brand or competitors. Shift your strategies fast and with confidence, based on live-market data.

Inventory Analysis

Track your inventory levels across distribution channels, their value, location, and how long it is expected to stay in stock with our intelligent inventory modules. Having optimized inventory levels are critical to maximizing your return on investment. Plan correctly to avoid gaps leading to overstock or out-of-stock situations, monitor your damages and returns, and act accordingly to maximize your revenue growth.


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